NLG was built by a team of entrepreneurs that are passionate about making great games and creating an environment that fosters deep respect for the people that work here.

What will you experience working at NLG?

Empowerment: NLG has a flat team structure and seeks input from employees throughout the development process.

Pushing Boundaries: NLG has a strong commitment to coaching. We promote one-on-one, open conversations that push you past your comfort zone to help you achieve your performance goals

Being Heard: NLG believes in constant two way face-to-face collaborative communication. We are not an email culture!

Challenging Work

Our team is made up of passionate and talented professionals respected for their high quality of work and creativity. We often have unusual problems to solve on interesting and diverse games, regardless of what area of the game you work on. We also check in with you regularly to ensure that you are not over or underwhelmed. Getting that balance right makes all the difference.

Advancement Opportunities

We understand that the games industry is ever evolving. Our team roles and structures constantly adapt to meet the latest development challenges and make the best use of our unique talents and abilities. Career development comes in many forms but favors those that take personal responsibility for their growth. We offer support through in-house learning sessions, external training courses and arranging mentoring partnerships and on-the-job training. Taking ownership of your career is your responsibility, supporting you through that journey is ours.

Deep Respect for People

Next Level Games knows that excellent games are made by fostering a healthy, positive and creative environment. Our management philosophy is to treat everyone as an individual with their own specific set of needs and goals. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all policies. Our culture is straight forward, grounded and transparent, which builds strong healthy relationships. We take pride in our ability to customize the NLG experience on an individual level.